Glass & Finish Options

White River Bath offers contemporary metal and hardware finishes that will complement your other bathroom fixtures and aesthetically enhance your space.  We feature an extensive glass selection to suit whatever style or degree of privacy you want in your enclosure.

We encourage you to protect your shower enclosure with Clear-Fusion Pro® surface protectant. Clear-Fusion Pro® is an ultra-durable,  environmentally safe, hydrophobic coating applied to your glass here at our factory. Clear-Fusion Pro® makes surfaces easier to clean by making them water and oil repellant. This means less hard water stains, soap scum, and other waste products on your glass, cutting down on cleaning time and prolonging the life and good looks of your shower enclosure. Click HERE to learn more.

Glass Options

Finish Options

Brushed Nickel

New World Bronze



Other glass and finish options are available. Please contact your Local Dealer for details